Sprucifying A Healthier Home for the Fragada Family

Now more than ever, life has gotten busy and everything is so fast. With work, family, and social life, one can get lost in the moment and overlook the things that truly matter. From the moment we wake up, our surroundings make such a big impact on us. It can set the mood for the rest of the day. But balancing all the responsibilities of work, family, and social life usually leave very little time for cleaning.

This is where Spruce saved the day for a busy, first-time Mom Gretchen Gatan-Fragada. With the Pandemic still looming, Mommy Gretchen has made it her priority to protect her family, most especially her baby from dreaded germs and viruses. At the end of the day, we protect what matters and what is dear to us.

When Gretchen and bee husband Cayo reached out to Spruce Cleaning Services, they had requirements and specifications. Spruce gladly obliged by tailor-fitting its cleaning service to the needs and budget of the client. In no time, Spruce Agents Sprucified the Fragada Home, leaving it spotless and immaculately clean. The Spruce Premium Cleaning included the intense deep cleaning of 200 square meter home and all items in its expanse including sofas, beds, furniture, countertops, and floors. We assured the Fragada Family that all our cleaning solutions used are safe not only for their home and furniture but most importantly for their precious baby and loving pets.

As the Fragada Family entered their home after the Spruce Premium Cleaning, they were ecstatic to see their home so clean and beautiful. The floors were spotless, the windows and screens were dustless, the furniture was wiped and polished, and the beds and sheets were refreshed and thoroughly sanitized. They definitely felt the warmth and love of their new home, thanks to the cleaning geniuses of our Spruce Cleaning Agents.

In addition, Spruce also cleaned up the family car, disinfecting and sanitizing it from top to bottom, refreshing the seats and upholstery up to the very last detail.

It was a joy to be part of the Fragada Family’s growing family by being their partner in keeping their home clean and safe from the virus. You can never put a price on peace of mind. At Spruce, protecting your family from germs and viruses through thorough cleaning is our mission. Because at Spruce, We Clean It Like It’s Our Own.

Marketing Team
Marketing Team