Live in a Spruced home with Nelson Canlas

For the past few years since being on-air as one of the Senior News Anchors for GMA 24 Oras, Nelson Canlas had developed an affinity for keeping everything neat and tidy around him – however, it had become increasingly clear that he was in need of some extra help to bring new life into his humble abode. But juggling his job, managing his restaurant with his partner Miggy, and making sure his dog Winter was getting the appropriate attention, Sir Nelson needed help, and he needed it as soon as possible. That’s why for him, the first thing that came to mind was Spruce Cleaning Services. 

At Spruce, we made sure that Nelson was treated like all our other clients, addressing their needs and coordinating their preferred cleaning schedules as soon as possible. Nelson’s main concern with his home was keeping it tidy, doing his annual grease trap cleaning, and a deep shampoo to his upholstery. His home underwent one of the most thorough cleaning sessions it had ever seen – from top to bottom! It felt just like starting anew for himself, his partner Miggy, and his dog, Winter. The Spruce team made sure they brought along all necessary equipment needed, organic and safe cleaning solutions, and professional Spruce Agents. 

The results? A deeply cleaned and sanitized home where a speck of dust was not seen, an empty and thoroughly cleaned grease trap, and a fresh and almost new sofa. Now Nelson, his partner Miggy, and their dog Winter can live in a Spruced home not worrying about the stress of cleaning. All were made possible by Spruce Cleaning Services. 

Prince Danao