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Importance of Safety Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

           Housekeeping may sound uninteresting to some people, but this plays a big role in the safety and performance of a person, whether at home or work. Oftentimes we assume that “housekeeping” is done only at home with the basic cleaning chores like dusting, sweeping, and mopping the floor, but it is more than that. Proper disposal of trash, appropriate placement of cabinets, and the right storage of things are as important as doing the basic chores, these mentioned are only some of them. It may come unnoticed, but these little things are essential that they may or may not cost you your safety. 

           Additionally, when housekeeping is not done properly,  it can cause accidents that can affect family members or workmates, especially when there is an ongoing renovation in your house or an unfinished space near your workplace and more. Nails, scraps of old wood, falling objects, chemicals, harmful solutions, and dangerous tools are some of those little harmful things along the way. Come to think of it, even a mopped floor with no signage of “Caution: Wet Floor” can make people slip and fall head first, which can possibly cause a head injury. This is why professional housekeeping is important. 

           Now, understand that cleaning can be fun too. It’s not always boring and dirty. Imagine when your house or workspace is nice and tidy, you can move and work more efficiently. You can run, dance, and play around with no worries of an incoming injury. It works in tandem with your healthy lifestyle keeping you and your surroundings secure. Who wouldn’t want a comfortable space to stay and work with, right? It does not only benefit you, but at the same time, it also helps those around you.



Here are some general housekeeping tips to remember to keep you safe at all times: 

  • Everyone is responsible for their own housekeeping (a clean and organized workspace)
  • You must clean up after yourself. Pick up garbage and debris and properly dispose of it. 
  • Maintain a tidy work environment throughout the day to reduce the time required to clear up a greater mess at the end of the day.
  • Properly dispose of combustibles and flammables. They will enhance the risk of a fire if placed and stored carelessly.
  • Remove projecting nails and other sharp items or hammer them flat to avoid injuring someone.
  • Stack goods and supplies in an organized manner and secure them so they don’t fall over, especially when it is already over 3 feet tall.
  • Report any slips, trips, and falls, whether or not there is an injury, so that the hazard can be addressed. 
  • Remove any wires or cables from walkways. 
  • Cables should be organized beneath desks.
  • Arrange papers, staples, folders, and other office supplies in an organized way or store them in a cabinet or drawer in an orderly manner to avoid flying and falling objects.
  • Store dangerous chemicals or cleaning solutions in a specific cabinet or corner to avoid spillage and contamination. Store cleaning materials or harmful tools in an organized manner too.

           Housekeeping should not be a one-time process; it should be monitored and inspected regularly. Set objectives and expectations. Keep records, follow a regular walkthrough inspection schedule, report problems, and teach personnel to assist in the maintenance of housekeeping or hire a professional cleaning service to clean and maintain your space consistently. Spruce Cleaning Services offer more than that, you can inquire about your specific needs and get a free ocular inspection from us to see what we can do for you and make your space more comfortable and clean as it is.

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