Grail Fitness Collective With Spruce

Starting fresh, inspired and with renewed determination is the key to an overall balanced life. With 2023 just beginning, many of us have a firm resolve to make it our year, and what better way to do that than through a reliable fitness routine you can enjoy? 


Grail Fitness Collective, assures their clients just that. They aim to achieve a comprehensive strength and conditioning workout method that combines a number of activities including but not limited to weight training, gymnastics, plyometrics, running, and rowing. Each class is handled by a coach that guides their clients step by step to ensure that they get the utmost attention and detail to provide a fitness experience, unlike any other facility. 


With all the activity being done in the Grail Crossfit Gym, a clean, healthy environment and workout space is crucial for the clients to keep their fitness resolutions and keep utilizing the gym. And what better way to maintain this than with Spruce Cleaning Services? Grail Fitness availed of the Spruce Premium Deep Cleaning Service to clean, sanitize, and disinfect the entire space. From the workout floors, the bathrooms, and the equipment area, Spruce’s Spruce Agent’s covered every nook of the gym. This included a top to bottom premium cleaning which focused on cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting every last square meter of the gym. 


The results? A clean and spotless gym that is ready to take on 2023 and bring its client’s fitness goals to fruition. For the grand finale, Spruce topped off the comprehensive cleaning with the signature Duo Disinfection which is a combination of a germicidal disinfection and fogging machine to deliver and kill 99.99% of contagious bacteria, viruses, and mold.


Now, Grail Fitness Collective is ready to bring its clients a whole new fitness experience thanks to Spruce Cleaning Service!

Marketing Team
Marketing Team