Professional Rug Cleaning

From: 75.00

Carpets or rugs can be tough to keep clean since they quickly accumulate dirt and dust. Its carpet fibers trap bacteria and allergens, affecting the health of people. Unfortunately, it is also the most overused piece of household equipment that we adore.


Let our highly-trained Spruce Agents extend the life and value of your favorite carpet at home, and we will definitely give it the fresh look it deserves.


This package includes:

  • ✓ Hydro vacuuming
  • ✓ Shampooing
  • ✓ Sterilization through steaming
  • ✓ Deodorization to eliminate lingering smells from your carpets or rugs
  • ✓ Blow – drying



  1. Reservations made after 5:00 PM will be assisted by the customer associate the following day.
  2. The mobilization fee is subject to change.
  3. The client may request an additional Spruce Agent worth ₱610 per head.
  4. The minimum service fee is ₱3,000 in Metro Manila and ₱10,000 outside of Metro Manila.
  5. Contact us at 0917 883 0077 or 0917 146 2739 for assistance and a better quotation.


If you wish to book a professional rug cleaning, kindly fill-out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!



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