Spruce Zero-Germ Technology

From: 1,600.00

This treatment eliminates 99.99% of all germs and viruses from any hard, non-porous surface. It is our best-selling and most advanced disinfection technique.


An essential service that guarantees the health and safety of our loved ones, coworkers, and customers by ensuring a germ-free, safe, and healthy environment. This service is recommended at least once a month.


This package includes:

  • ✓ Sterilization
  • ✓ Anti-Bacterial Mist or Disinfection Fogging
  • ✓ UV-Light – 99.9 Zero-Germs



  1. Reservations made after 5:00 PM will be assisted by the customer associate the following day.
  2. The mobilization fee is subject to change.
  3. The client may request an additional Spruce Agent worth ₱610 per head.
  4. The minimum service fee is ₱3,000 in Metro Manila and ₱10,000 outside of Metro Manila.
  5. Contact us at 0917 883 0077 or 0917 146 2739 for assistance and a better quotation.
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