Sportscut Gets A New Wellness Upgrade

Spruce Cleaning Services does an entire Post Construction Premium Cleaning Service for a newly built Sprort Cut Wellness Zone!

At Sports Cut Barbershop, their mission is to give each and every patron an ultimate haircut and grooming experience like no other. As one of the leading barbershops in Pasig, the owners of Sports Cut knew that they had to innovate their business and expand their services. Thus, upgrading their barbershop to a man’s ultimate man cave with the Metro’s first 2 in 1 Barbershop and Wellness Zone.  

With this upgrade, Sports Cut Wellness Lounge was made to compliment the barbershop’s patrons by offering unique wellness services with their expert estheticians. With this upgrade, a major vamp up and renovation needed to be done. Building an entire wellness facility, Sports Cut called Spruce Cleaning Services to do their Spruce Premium Post Construction Cleaning Service after their major renovation. Equipped with and ready with three of our Spruce Agents, environmentally safe cleaning solutions, and industry-standard cleaning equipment, Spruce Cleaning Services was ready to take on the job. 

Cleaning every area of their wellness lounge, dusting from the roof down to the floors, sanitizing their equipment, polishing their furniture, conditioning their leather upholstery, and disinfecting the whole lounge, Spruce made sure that by the next day, they can take in all their clients. At Spruce, we made sure that Sportscut Barber Shop and Wellness Lounge was clean, sanitized, and disinfected for the safety of everyone. 

Only at Spruce, you can get top quality and value-for-money cleaning services that can get the job done because at Spruce, we clean like it’s our own. 

Marketing Team
Marketing Team