Moving In With The Abayon Family

There is probably nothing influencer, businesswoman and full-time mom, Anj Colon-Abayon can’t do! She’s the perfect picture of an accomplished woman who’s in every right, truly made it! Every day is a busy whirlwind of endless tasks – from the moment she wakes up to the end of her busy day, Anj leaves very little time for herself. A full-time mom of 2, her children are her priority, and is hands-on from getting them ready for school and personally driving them. On top of this, she has to take care of her business and manage her brands. All these she does on her own, including caring for the home without any house help.

On top of all these, Anj and her family had the wonderful milestone of moving into a new home. For this momentous occasion, she contacted Spruce Cleaning Services to clean, sanitize, and disinfect their house. A clean and healthy environment for her family was crucial for the family to feel right at home. It was a blessing to her as Spruce made sure that every element in her house was clean and safe for the family. Down to the minutest detail, Spruce was able to clean off all the microscopic bacteria, grime, dust, and dirt not seen by our eyes.

This was all made possible through the Spruce Premium Cleaning, 5-in-1 Upholstery Cleaning Services to her mattresses and sofas, and of course, our Duo Disinfection that left the house disinfected, spotless, spick, and span.

Now mommy Anj can now enjoy her clean, healthy, and wonderful home with her husband and kids! #LiveInASprucedHome.

Iya Miranda