Spruce Up the Cleaning Blues Away with the Demusis Family

To every mom, the well-being of her children is her number 1 priority. Rizza Diaz-Demusis, busy working mother and doting mother to 2 cute little babies does not take any chances when it comes to creating a space, clean, and livable space for her family. 

Between her professional work and her being a loving mom and homemaker, it truly was a challenge for her to juggle all the demands of her already busy life. As the Demusis family grows, they decided to move into a new home. With this new and exciting milestone in their life, Rizza Diaz-Demusis only wanted the best for her family as they settle into their new home. And what better way to usher in a new beginning than to move into not only a beautiful, comfortable home, but more importantly, a clean, spotless, Spruced up home. 









That’s where the Demusis’ enlisted the help of Spruce Cleaning Service’s Expert Team! Being a very particular and meticulous mom who wants a clean and safe space for her little babies, the Demusis’ gave the Spruce Team her specifications and requirements of how she wanted her home to be. With Spruce, each client is treated with utmost priority, tailor fitting and abiding by their expectations. 

With the Spruce Premium Cleaning Service, 5 in 1 Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Deep Cleaning, and Duo Disinfection, the Demusis family truly got the peace of mind they needed for their family, especially her babies to live happy and healthy in their new home. After 8 hours of intense deep cleaning by our 5 expert Spruce Agents, the Demusis’ came home awestruck to her new, ultra clean, spotless, Spruced up home. You can not put a price on peace of mind. The Demusis family made the right choice in trusting Spruce Cleaning Services as the superior choice in creating a loving home for their family. A clean home is a happy home. With Spruce, we make your dream home a clean home because #WeCleanItLikeItsOurs.










Iya Miranda