Celebrating One Year with Spruce

Today marks the first anniversary of Spruce, and I wanted to reflect on the last twelve months and highlight the progress of our company.

We are nearing the end of Q4, and I am proud of what we have accomplished together. I wanted to share with you some thoughts and critical areas of focus as we move forward on our exciting journey.

Spruce today is one of the cleaning services in Metro Manila, known for its top-quality service and cutting-edge cleaning technology.

Our valued customers recognize the distinct value we provide in terms of superior service delivery and responsiveness to their needs.

They also recognize our contribution to the local industry and the larger society. We need to continue to build on their trust and demonstrate with clear actions, our strong belief in developing the most reliable and trusted cleaning and maintenance services.

I would like to congratulate every one of us. We need to complete this effort by year-end resulting in improved business operations, create the best practices, and select the most effective processes regardless of the pioneer.

The cleaning industry market will continue to get more competitive, and we need to continuously improve to stay ahead of the competition and achieve our goals.

Together we can achieve our goals when we continue to work as one team and take an active approach to continue improving to compete with new entrants. By working together as one team, focusing on quality service, and being closer to our clients, we will exceed our goals.

Finally, I wish you and your families a very blessed and exceptional year-end and extend my sincere gratitude for being part of this inspiring journey.

Kim De Guzman
Kim De Guzman