5 New Year Cleaning Superstitions Around the World

As we usher in the New Year, we look forward to the brightest of goals and the noblest aspirations. To achieve these, a clean, bright, and healthy environment set you up for the best year yet! Here are 5 cleaning superstitions from around the world.

1.) South Africa
To begin our list, we start with South Africa. Did you know, in South Africa, they take it literally when they say, “Out with the old, and in with the new.” It is a tradition that in the new year, people from across the nation throw their clutter out of the window to welcome a clean year ahead.

2.) Portugal
In Portugal, it is known that Portuguese during the New Year make sure all their hampers and linen baskets are emptied as to them, welcoming the year with dirty clothes brings bad luck. They also like to start the year with clean sheets and linen to bring happiness to their love lives.

3.) Romania
In Romania, on New Year’s Eve, precisely on the 31st of December, people salt the skins of onions to see their future. It is also known not to clean anything on New Year’s Day as it might bring bad luck to the year.

4.) The Philippines
Did you know that in The Philippines, there is a superstition that sweeping the floor at night is a sign of lost luck? Filipinos are told that if you sweep at night, more so on New Year’s Eve, you are sweeping and throwing the luck away.

5.) Denmark
In Denmark, creating a mess outside is very popular, more so with dishes, new and used. The idea is to save any broken dishes throughout the year and then throw the shards at the homes of your friends and neighbors to spread good luck.

Iya Miranda